About Us

Rollin Mini Barns

Rollin Mini Barns LLC was established in 2003. The owners have a hands-on, everyday involvement with a dedicated crew with 150 years of combined experience. Our buildings are of the highest quality with our attention to detail unmatched by mass produced sheds.

Rollin Mini Barns is a full service shed supplier. We have 12 models that we offer as standard. These can be customized and we also build fully customized buildings .

At Rollin Mini Barns, we have our own state of the art delivery equipment. (No subcontractors) Both trucks have a Mule. The Mule is a motorized machine that carries the sheds to tough spots and avoids rutting, even in wet conditions. We will also provide shed moving services in cases of moving or shed resale IF it was manufactured by Rollin Mini Barns. For an additional fee, our crew will come to your site and build a shed if we are unable to deliver a pre-built building.